Fridays for Future

CO₂ Sep. 09, 2019

Fridays for Future is a huge action for climate Protection. Lots of student`s go on Friday to Demonstrate, me to.

Every Friday 1.000 Student`s go to Demonstrate but Parent`s to all of the world. There are lots of types of Friday for Future, z.B. Parent`s`for Future, since for Future or extinction Rebellion. But one thing they have together, they do anything to climate protection.

In order to inform you, I have a link for you:

But why all the things?

A for little Lady 16 Years old, her name is Greta Thunberg, it is enough. She like to do anything. Than she demonstrate with her Plakate „Skolstreik för Klimatet“ instead of going to school, and finally it is working. She now has manny student`s motivated to do anything.

What kann you do? My family and my try to do anything for the climate Protection. We invest into an electro car and a solar plant to. It is very important to set of renewable energy. And you must do economical with electricity. Perhaps do you thing „I am a people from so manny, manny peoples of the earth“ but that is the problem. To manny people think that, therefore is there climate chance coming. Greta did something, you should do it to!

Perhaps do you coming to the next Demo ;D